Stream E+E’s The Light That You Gave Me to See You LP

Before the years switched over, the Bolivian-born, LA-based artist E+E released The Light That You Gave Me to See You—highly recommended for fans of fucked-up, pop-gone-bad a la oFF Love or 18+. He’s been on my brain for years, since his 2011 remix of The-Dream’s “Rockin That Shit,” as featured here, which has yet to be topped, in my eyes, by probably any remix since. At his most poppy, I think of E+E as what would happen if jj had grown up in a Spanish-speaking house on the U.S.A west coast—on his six-minute “Sword,” a woman slowly sings Drake’s “Take Care” over a piano’s low notes, surrounded by SFX of knives sharpening and trains pulling into stations, interrupted once or twice by a Spanish-language radio drop. But then there are incredible songs like “Reinada” and “Steered” and “Crux,” and I’ve got no good reference points—sounds like what little I know of cumbia run over by bulls and puked on. I give an A+ to E+E lol.

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