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Stream: The Men, "Pearly Gates"


It seems like just yesterday that The Men released their fourth full-length, New Moon, but the subtly shapeshifting, rock-centric Brooklyn five-piece has just announced yet another one, this time with the title Tomorrow's Hits, and all the "return to form" connotations therein. Appropriately, it's their first proper studio album, and they even brought in a horn section, upping the ante on tracks like this Volkswagen van-ready, open-road rambler with an invigorating, sex-crazed tangle of guitar, saxophone, and human screams. Tomorrow's Hits is out March 4th via Sacred Bones, and maybe it's a sign that the rock world's slowly percolating jam band revival is finally here.

Stream: The Men, "Pearly Gates"

Posted: January 08, 2014
Stream: The Men, "Pearly Gates"