Juergen Teller Refused To Shoot Miley Cyrus For Marc Jacobs Campaign


Yesterday, Marc Jacobs released the first images of his spring 2014 campaign starring none other than polarizing pop star du jour, Miley Cyrus. In an interview published today with WWD, Jacobs shared that his selection of Cyrus was a point of contention with his longtime campaign photographer Juergen Teller, who’s shot every Jacobs ad for years and years. “I have worked with Juergen for years and love him as an artist,” Jacobs said. “He just didn’t want to shoot her.” No reason was given for Teller refusing, but Jacobs counts Miley as a close friend and stuck by his decision to have her star in the campaign, even though it meant forgoing Teller as the photographer—the ads were shot by David Sims instead.

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  1. NYC-Photo-Guy says:

    So…instead of having his new campaign shot by a guy who makes everyone look like they’re in a crime scene, Jacobs decided to use a GOOD photographer?!! Great move, if ya ask me!!!

  2. kry says:

    Somebody needs to hire a new retoucher. Good lord.