Video: Cherry Glazerr, “White’s Not My Color This Evening”

Named the after SoCal morning anchor of (almost) the same name, Cherry Glazerr is the Los Angeles trio of guitarist/vocalist Clementine Creevy, bassist Sean Redman and drummer Hannah Uribe. The latest addition to Burger Records’ off-kilter garage rock stable, the band recently released this Jamie Heinrich-directed short film for “White’s Not My Color This Evening,” offsetting the song’s chaotic, adrenaline-filled peaks with a slow and suspenseful narrative about finding love in the most unexpected of places. Cherry Glazerr’s debut LP, Haxel Princess, comes out Tuesday, January 14th via Burger.

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  1. jose says:

    ¡me encanta!

  2. Amy Spooner says:

    is this a joke? cool video but bad singing yikes

  3. Stevie says:

    I’m blown away..or as jose says above better than I! Nicely done, and sensual, loved the punk-psych singing actually, find I lose myself in the song nicely. Good production too. Thanks for offering this up!!

    (Going to tell my gf I found a new band, she’s in a band, Palmflower based out of Chicago, signed up w/ Lolipop, saw them last month played w/ Mr. Elevator & the Brain Hotel. Played w/ Peach Kelli Pop month prior. Both amazing bands! Was saying her band may be getting a spot on an upcoming Burger Records comp tape. A record label to look out for folks! Yummy.)