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Stream: Young & Sick, "Magnolia" and "Willow"


Young & Sick, the catchall name of the LA visual artist and increasingly noteworthy musician (he just signed on for Coachella), surprise-released his "Magnolia" single on iTunes today, featuring two new songs. The title track has a little more ecstatic umph—some shades of M83 in the chorus, maybe?—but I think I'm partial to "Willow," the funkier B-side. It makes me want to like, walk down that sunny street where Tony Soprano et al. used to sit on the sidewalk, Tony smoking a cigar while Paulie worked on his tan, and I'll just wink at people I pass and flip them a casual, king-of-the-world thumbs-up.

Stream: Young & Sick, "Magnolia" and "Willow"

Tour dates:
February 2 – Johnny Brendas – Philadelphia, PA
February 4 – Rough Trade – Brooklyn, NY
February 5 – DC9 – Washington, DC

Stream: Young & Sick, "Magnolia" and "Willow"