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Stream: Mac Miller, "Lua" (Bright Eyes Cover)

Indie bands cover hip-hop songs all the time, but rappers covering indie-rock hits? Not so often! But here we have one: Larry Fisherman (bka Mac Miller) with an acoustic cover of "Lua," Conor Oberst's (bka Bright Eyes) wistful tale about a relationship dead-ended by depression and drugs. Mac's take is a little brighter, and he's tagged-on a sweet finger-picked outro, but he otherwise stays faithful to the original and it doesn't sound even a little like a stretch. Perhaps because, as Noisey points out, this isn't Mac's first go at Bright Eyes. Now, someone go find Mac and see if he needs a hug.

Stream: Mac Miller, "LUA" (Bright Eyes Cover)

Stream: Mac Miller, "Lua" (Bright Eyes Cover)