Kanye West Confirmed to Feature on Chief Keef’s Bang 3, Hear Keef’s “War” Now

Last week, Chief Keef’s manager Peeda Pan confirmed that Kanye will be involved on Bang 3, Keef’s upcoming mixtape that’s now been upgraded to a retail album. The switch to album mode is well-timed; he’s recently been reneging on his stance from Almighty So’s “Self”—They want the old Sosa, for what though? That’s a crazy lowdown dirty cutthroat. “War,” the latest peek at Bang 3, inches even closer back to the old Sosa; he’s more animated than he’s felt in months, even with the intro’s fucked-up coughing eruption. It’s likely his revitalized rage is directed towards Migos, who he’s been beefing on and off with for months.

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