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Download Lil B's Basedworld Paradise Mixtape

To art thou knights, and to art thou based world: Come! And as we feast, shall we feast on the beautiful based lamb. The based lamb, based brethren. Come! To the based demigods, based lords, based noblemen, all the based. Beautiful based world, please come over here, as we have a treat, and a feast. This is a beautiful day as we wait for the amazing, the graceful Little B as he comes to us today with a happy, happy, beautiful saying. The beautiful, the beautiful Little B. And I think he knows the Based God. Now please, without fear, please hold out thou hands. Keep thy love to one. Love everyone; the one is you! We must love. Basedworld Paradise: Come, listen*.

Download: Lil B's Basedworld Paradise Mixtape

* This is the intro to "Be Brave Welcome Home." I feel that Lil B is probably the first person to say "To art thou," as he has been the first person to do many things.

Download Lil B's Basedworld Paradise Mixtape