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Bernard James' New Line Aims to Solve the Menswear Jewelry Conundrum

Despite making bold strides on the apparel and footwear fronts, the men’s accessories landscape remains a questionable and tenuous terrain. Ever since Theo Huxtable came home with an earring to Cliff’s dismay, dudes have been struggling to suitably ornament their fits—with adornments ranging from chunky Cuban links to the endless spirals of beaded and woven bracelets choking the wrists of today’s #menswear enthusiasts. Twenty-two-year-old designer Bernard James offers a happy medium with his latest collection of men’s bracelets, rings and necklaces: smart, subtle drips and spikes of leather and sterling, ribbed with a signature python embossing that bites harder than it barks.

James' well-honed eye for aesthetics shines through in pieces like the Twin Steer necklace, a sterling silver beaded chain with contrasting polished silver and oxidized black skull charms that wear out over time, giving the piece a malleable, distressed edge. “Most of my collection is inspired by the traits you see in classic womenswear: minimalism, fit and structure,” says James. “The concept is slightly feminine, but there’s still that masculine foundation in the materials and references.” Of course, that’s what we employ our gems and jewels to do: blur lines, bend rules, hint, imply, allude. With jewels that quietly accentuate a look without stealing all the shine, we're sure menswear dudes will keep a curious eye out.

Bernard James' New Line Aims to Solve the Menswear Jewelry Conundrum