Download Nguzunguzu’s The Perfect Lullaby Vol. II Mix

Asthma Maroof and Daniel Pineda of Nguzunguzu have at last blessed us with a sequel to 2011′s perfect in title and essence The Perfect Lullaby mix. The 45-minute Volume II weaves remixes R&B tracks by the likes of Cassie, Marques Houston and T-Pain together with more far-flung dance stuff. It culminates with an especially exciting run that links Rihanna, Mariah Carey and a zouk rework of Future’s “Honest”– a fine addition to an already solid canon of “Honest” remixes (hear it at 39:40). Get The Perfect Lullaby Vol. II below or visit DIS Magazine for the complete audio/video experience. Sweet dreams.

Stream: Nguzunguzu’s The Perfect Lullaby Vol. II Mix

Dj Fofuxo & Dj Pausas vs. Yuki Koshimoto – Tarracho Exxelentt/ New Moon (MA edit)
Dj Lil Thug vs. Aaliyah – Hot tarraxa/ Dont think they know (MA edit)
Dj N.k – Não Chora Mais Não
Dj Cratera – My girl. My Music
Cassie – Diced Pineapples (NGUZU kizomba remix)
Marbonu – Pura Melodia
Dj tiba – Tarracha Poderoza 2009
Dj Dadifox vs. Ciara – Tarraxo Dueces (MA edit)
Usher Ft. Rick Ross – Let Me See (M&N PRO REMIX)
Nova & Jory – La Noche Perfecta
Chris Brown – Another Round (Phraze zouk remix)
Dj Malcolm – 4 ev
Marques Houston- Clubbin Zouk mix (by N.G productions)
Dj NigGa fox vs. Kelela- Tarraxo HUMBÃ√/ The High (MA edit)
Dj Rick & Dj Lil thug – Saudade Eterna
Dj Salez – Tarracha di nhOs
Dj Bison – Tarraxo Indiano
T Pain – I cant believe it (Peejay Zouk fusion remix)
Dj Malcolm – 14 malo
Rihanna – Diamonds (Kizomba remix by MalcriadoBeats)
Mariah Carey – Touch my Body (Zouk remix by Phraze)
Future – Honest (Zouk remix by Phraze & StyloBeatz)
DJ Joyce Gomes & Revolucion – Choro do Corno
Dj Xocolath – My Song
Mary J Blige – Be without you (NA remix)

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