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Katy Perry Wears a Lil B Dress


Katy Perry made headlines this weekend for kissing Miley Cyrus at her Los Angeles show but our biggest takeaway from that incident was what she had on—or, rather, who. Amazingly, the pop songstress was sporting a dress emblazoned with Lil B's face from Isabel Simpson-Kirsch's senior thesis at Parsons. How Perry got ahold of the creation is the question. Maybe her stylist saw our interview with Simpson-Kirsch last May? Or pays close attention to VFILES, who first carried the line? Or maybe Perry just really appreciates Lil B's positivity! In other Perry news, the pop singer has a jewelry collection for Claire's on the way inspired by her own music, according to WWD, which hits the mall store's shelves and site this May.

Posted: February 24, 2014
Katy Perry Wears a Lil B Dress