Video: Dean Blunt, “Mersh”

If you click on the “About” tab, Dean Blunt‘s strobing, static-shot music video for “Mersh” includes what is presumably a mention of a new full-length he has coming out on Rough Trade. In other words, after dropping some hints that he’d no longer be affiliated with the label Hippos In Tanks in 2014, dude has gone ahead and entered the big leagues, following The Smiths, The Buzzcocks and The Strokes down the proverbial yellow brick road to riches and rock & roll idolatry. If the video is any indication, though, he’s still the same Dean Blunt we’ve always known, hanging around on the living room couch of some seedy-looking, after-hours crashpad, sporting all the usual Dean Blunt accessories (the “normcore” baseball cap, some pretty girl wearing sunglasses), and obfuscating his presence behind a flickering red light. He’s calling the new album Black Metal, but weirdly, he’s sorta rapping on this track.

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