Listen to Big Boi's Game of Thrones-Themed "Mother Of Dragons"

In an unlikely move, HBO's Game of Thrones has announced that they'll be releasing a "mixtape" called Catch the Throne, of course, in an effort to broaden the show's audience. The tape features contributions from hip hop and Latin-music artist -- Common, Wale, Daddy Yankee, Kilo Kish, Bodega Bamz, and more -- who were given beats made with samples from the series to work with. First up is Dungeon Family's very own Big Boi, with a grinding tribute to Khaleesi the "Mother of Dragons." He explains for the uninitiated:

"Khaleesi, the Mother of Dragons is one of my favorite characters. The throne actually belongs to her and to see her plight to get back on top to where she belongs has been the thing. Last season ended with the Red Wedding when the Lannisters knocked everybody off.. like James Brown said, it's the season to get the big payback."

So this must be what he meant with all that Game of Thrones mixtape talk? The rest of the tape will be available for stream on Friday.

Stream: Big Boi, "Mother Of Dragons"

Listen to Big Boi's Game of Thrones-Themed "Mother Of Dragons"