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Video: Calvin Love, "Wild Blue"


The song might be called "Wild Blue" but the official video for Calvin Love's excellent b-side is completely colorless, shot in the sort of heavy-contrast black and white typically reserved for flashbacks and dream sequences. The clip follows a narrative of a glum loner (played by Love) who gets nailed by a car and wakes up in a bleak, snow-covered field; whether he's in heaven, hell, or some chilly corner of his subconscious remains unclear. Made by Love and his childhood friend Martin Flakstad, the video is appropriately homespun, considering that a big part of the Edmonton-based songwriter's appeal is a kind of strung-out uncertainty, as if every one of his tightly-wound rock songs could unfurl at any second. Calvin Love's "Cool" 7-inch is out now on Hit City USA, and his schedule for this year's SXSW is below.

Video: Calvin Love, "Wild Blue"