Did Zomby Punch Hudson Mohawke?


Rarely do Twitter feuds stem from IRL scuffles but such was the case last night after UK producers Zomby and Hudson Mohawke met during an event at London’s XOYO. If his Twitter is to be believed, Zomby punched Hudson Mohawke in the face three times before posting a pic of his bloody knuckles and tweeting “Let him talk all the shit he wants he just caught 3 in the face LOL… Ask security for footage. See me slapping shit out of u while 3 security who smoke with me after try stop me…My sweater worth more than your life but let’s not go into that u don’t know givenchy unless i wore it first @HudMo.” And that’s just a portion of what Zomby said. The pair also got into it on Twitter about who wears Givenchy best. Hudson Mohawke tweeted his side of the altercation, “Poor @ZombyMusic thought i should apologise in his face after wearing socks worth more than his entire outfit. but apparently non :/” Some of the tweets have been deleted but you can read the entire exchange at Consequence of Sound.

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  1. JGF says:

    Despite what you think of either of these blokes, it’s no fair to post an article like this without mentioning that Justin “Zomby” James has a legit mental disease that makes him act this way both on Twitter and in real life. He’s been dropped by his label because of it and it’s only a matter of time before all these promoters and festivals get wind and don’t mess with him any longer, sadly…Poor chap, really.

  2. Dom says:

    what mental disease is that?

  3. woah says:

    I think JGF is hudmo

  4. Douches says:

    They were arguing over their clothes? What are they, teenaged girls? Pathetic tossers.

  5. lad says:

    His name’s Justin Moulds not Justin James, he doesn’t have a mental disease he’s just a prick. He’s a pathological liar, fantasist and a borderline sociopath. He robbed his friend’s record shop for thousands of pounds and left the country, is too scared to turn up to live gigs leaving everyone out of pocket, and spends every hour of every day curating his MySpace-esque online persona like a 15 year old girl. He also slaps. A slapper. A self-loathing, delusional slapper.

  6. kidcozy says:

    It’d be straight awesome if, from now on, Hud-Mo would be known more for his distinct taste in hyperexpensive, sweaty socks than for producing dope-ass tracks!!