#Boosiespeaks: Fresh Out of Prison, Watch the Lil Boosie Live Press Conference

Fresh out of the Louisiana State Penitentiary after five years, watch a press conference live above with Lil Boosie, his lawyers and friends. Sitting on a gold throne, it’s Boosie’s first time talking since the release—though he did freestyle in the car ride home from prison. Locked up in 2009 for a third-offense marijuana possession charge, Boosie’s stay was extended after attempting to smuggle drugs into prison. He will be on parole until 2018.

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  1. Southern charmer says:

    All these bandwagon boosie fans are fucking annoying.
    Boosie ft. beiber ?! C’mon my nigga, FOH!
    As a day 1 boosie fan I have to admit this shit feel real bittersweet. The game all fucked up.
    Social media is playing a big role in this fuck up too. Fake asses.