How to Pick Up Your FADER FORT Presented by Converse 2014 Wristband

You can start picking up wristbands for the FADER FORT Presented by Converse on Tuesday, March 11th. Wristband pickup will be located on San Marcos street between 4th and 5th in Austin and powered by Dell and Queue Ticketing. Picking up a wristband for your guest? They MUST be with you when you check in. SXSW badge-holders will need FORT wristbands, but will be given priority access to enter the FORT on a first come, first serve basis. Wristband pickup will close every night at 7PM, but if you’re not in line before 6:30PM, you’re not guaranteed to get yours.

Here are the hours you can come by this week:

TUESDAY, 3/11 from 12PM to 7PM
WEDNESDAY, 3/12 from 1PM to 7PM
THURSDAY, 3/13 from 12PM to 7PM
FRIDAY, 3/14 from 12PM-4PM

We’ve once again partnered with Converse, and a live stream will be powered by Dell. Precision workstations. Mazda will offer shuttle services and some other surprises, while we’ll have Captain Morgan White Rum at the bar. Glass Is Life and vitaminwater® will be on site, too. We’re also celebrating 15 years and 90 issues of The FADER, so you can expect some extra-special guests and a peerless live music experience that celebrates The FADER’s past, present, and future.

Want to walk? Here’s how to get to the FORT from the Austin Convention Center. You’ll walk on 4th street, it takes about 10 minutes:
** Head east on E 4th St toward Neches St 
- – Turn left at I-35 Frontage Rd S
** Follow the sharp right toward I-35 Frontage Rd N
** Turn right at I-35 Service Rd N
** Turn left at E 4th St
** You will see signage directing you to wristband pickup on San Marcos St between E 4th St and E 5th St.

Riding the bus? These are routes that bring you close by:
Route 21 “Exposition/Chicon” from Cesar Chavez St (at Trinity or Red River) to Waller. Walk 4 blocks north to 5th and Waller
Route 4 “Montopolis” from 6th/Brazos (or East 7th and Trinity) to East 7th and Waller. Walk 2 blocks South to 5th and Waller.
Route 22 “Chicon” from 3rd and San Jacinto to Cesar Chavez and Waller. Walk 4 blocks North to 5th and Waller.
Route 17 “Cesar Chavez” pick up along Cesar Chavez to Cesar Chavez and Waller. Walk 4 blocks North to 5th and Waller.

There will be limited parking space in the lot on the corner of E. 5th and Waller. Parking will be available on a first come first serve basis to attendees with a FADER FORT Presented by Converse wristband. The lot closes ½ an hour after show and cars will be towed if not removed.

We’ve got tons of racks to lock to. Please secure your ride—we’re not responsible for lost or stolen bikes.

Can’t come to Texas? Watch the whole show, streaming live on TheFADER.com.

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  1. Leslie Tercero says:

    Please RSVP Leslie Tercero +1
    I have plenty of Converse to show for it, Dell Alienware 17 with Intel core i7. Please help.

  2. Derek Harrison says:

    Pls RSVP Derek Harrison+1



  3. Ana Rodriguez says:

    Anyone have a + 1? No one I know got picked for Fader Fort. Worst Rsvp ever!

  4. Taylor sams says:

    I know you guys want to release some more wristbands for Austin locals :)?

  5. DG says:

    Hey, how can I check if I’m RSVP’d? I thought I did, but not sure if I received confirm.

  6. Manuel Solis says:

    Thought I also RSVP’d to the event, but cannot find my RSVP confirmation email:(

    Please Help!

  7. Edward Blake says:

    Please RSVP + 1

  8. Sandra Delgado says:

    Pls RSVP +1

  9. Jamie Quijada says:

    Please RSVP ME :’( I didn’t receive my confirmation email :/

  10. Gilbert Martinez says:

    Is there anyway you can let the few of us locals that made it here at 6:35pm get in line? We don’t have the flexibility of getting out of work early tomorrow. Thanks in advance for your response.


  11. Mike Scherlen says:

    Please Rsvp me ! Thanks!

  12. Deanna Shahady says:


    I’m DJ Shahady, Austin-Native (we are a rare breed), and I am concerned about the ‘List at Capacity’ email. I RSVP’d the second the RSVP email popped up on 2/26.

    Please advise — I’ve been supporting Fader for yeeeeeeeeeaars! And I would love to continue my SX tradition of holding down The Fort.

    It is our duty as Austin locals to maintain the integrity of our city and show people how its really done!

    I find it impossible that so many of us rsvp’d within seconds and didn’t get a confirmation email.

    Please Advise.


    Sent from my iPad

  13. Never got a confirmation email… Does that mean I missed the cut? I’m a performing artist with an artist wristband and would love to find a way back into the Fort this year. RSVPMe! +1!!!!

  14. Never got a confirmation email… Does that mean I missed the cut? I’m a performing artist with an artist wristband and would love to find a way back into the Fort this year. RSVPMe! +1!!!!

  15. Jason Kennedy says:

    + 1

  16. Whitney B says:

    Please rsvp +1

  17. Whitney B says:


  18. denise says:

    I got a fader fort confirmation but can’t seem to find it. Will you have a list to go off of?

  19. Phillip Breedlove says:

    I rsvpd, please confirm. If not consider this my rsvp. Plus 1

  20. LWag says:

    for everyone posting about RSVPs…. check your spam folder. This year’s confirmation emails got sent directly to spam folders for some reason.

  21. Jay says:

    where do you RSVP