Stream: Daft Punk f. Jay Z, “Computerized” (Prod. by Kanye West)”

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Well, this exists: a Daft Punk collaboration with Jay Z, produced by Kanye West, allegedly left over from Random Access Memories. Does it need to? That all depends on if you’re partial to Jay Z verses that list a bunch of things in a given category (different mediums of communication, guys!) and kitschy Human After All retreads. But here we are.

Stream: Daft Punk f. Jay Z, “Computerized” (Prod. by Kanye West)”

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  2. dan says:

    Im glad it didnt, its effn terrible

  3. Aaron says:

    Can anything be said about any of these artists that hasn’t already been?

    What we have here is an excellent example of three giants of the recording industry collaborating and putting absolutely zero effort into their work, hoping that just the name alone will carry the weight of what could have been, in theory, the greatest song of the past/next five years..

    but instead they decided to hand us a warm glass of back to the future II piss. christ, how the fuck could it possibly get any worse?

  4. That Nigga Reg says:

    Again, Jay-Z pushing the agenda of the mental slave culture.
    “I don’t know how I feel… somebody tell me what’s real”
    What he’s really saying is Big Brother, take the reigns and control my mind.