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Stream: Future, "Covered N Money (Prod. by Sonny Digital)"

After a number of name changes and months of push backs, the release of Future's sophomore album Honest is really and truly imminent. Last week Future kicked off the album promo-cycle proper with album artwork, marquee track-list and a release, date as well as not one, but two videos for current single "Move That Dope." Today he kicks it up another notch with the release of track number nine, "Covered N Money." Reuniting with "Same Damn Time"-producer Sonny Digital, he returns to his hardboiled, ricochet flow and promises I'ma go harder with no limitations, lest you worry that fatherhood or all that honesty has left him soft. Honest drops April 22.

Stream: Future, "Covered N Money"

Stream: Future, "Covered N Money (Prod. by Sonny Digital)"