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Download Lotic's Damsel in Distress Janus Mix

A certain kind of New York person (aka me) sits at their desk and daydreams about being at the Janus party in Berlin at 5AM, a club gig run by American ex-pats that seems like one of the crazier nights happening right now. For those of us who can't hop on Lufthansa, resident DJ Lotic—who previously tailor-made a mix for FADER—has put together the first in a series of mixes that captures a bit of what Janus is all about: deep, spare and cyborg, with a "Drunk in Love" mix in which Bey sounds precisely like a zombie. This mix is both terrifying and beautiful at the very same time, which, if we can ever make it over there again, is exactly how we hope all our best nights in Berlin might be.

Download Lotic's Damsel in Distress Janus Mix

Lotic - Chunk
Lotic - Heterocetera
Lotic - Hummingbird feat. MikeQ, Bobby Johnson, and Miss Modular
Lotic - 2 Pressed
Lotic - Faded (How The Hell...?) feat. The Queen, barking stans and CBS censors
Lotic - Fractures (but just the chromatic growl)
Lotic - I Don't Just Wanna Chill With You (Love Letter) with help from PARTYNEXTDOOR and Timbaland
Lotic - 9th Inning feat. Rizzla, Missy, and a shy Björk howling in the distance
Lotic - KIDDIKUGKIDDIKIGKIDDIKIDDI feat. the historic Buddah vs. Sugur skirmish
Lotic - Ascension
Lotic - Suspension
Lotic - Battery

Download Lotic's Damsel in Distress Janus Mix