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Video: S.B.E., "I Feel Like"

Here's the latest from S.B.E., the Chicago bop scene's answer to Travis Porter (i.e., a young trio known for turnt but sweet dance numbers with slightly hardened edges). "I Feel Like," produced by super-producers Da Internz—responsible for Big Sean's "Dance (A$$)" and Rihanna's "Birthday Cake," to name a few—moves away from the happy-go-lucky boppiness of previous hits like "Killin It" and gets a bit grittier, though no less danceable thanks to Da Internz' signature clap. If you missed it last November, check out the trio's fun-as-hell "The Bopumentary" tape (in particular, "Why You Mad" is essential listening for anyone interested in the steadily blossoming bop scene).

Download: S.B.E., The Bopumentary

Video: S.B.E., "I Feel Like"