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Video: Tony Dangler’s “No Manners” + MP3

Watch a video of Jo’burg’s Tony Dangler performing his new track “No Manners.”

March 27, 2014

Yesterday, we posted a mini-documentary about Tony Dangler, an on-the-rise rapper from Johannesburg, South Africa. Today, we have a new clip of the 25-year-old performing "No Manners," a song he wrote and recorded especially for the ongoing Obey You Collective: South Africa series. In our recent interview, Dangler told me what the song was about, but we also chatted about the track's beat, which was produced by a dude called DESERT_HEΔD, who's one-half of the Cape Town electronic duo Christian Tiger School. "I was surprised that it came from a guy in Cape Town," he said to me over Skype. "I thought that the artists from there were true school hip-hop heads and they didn’t like the jiggy sound that is coming from Jo’burg," he says of the Cape Town scene. "But the moment I got there I realized these dude’s aren’t just making hardcore hip-hop — they’re making music that I like." Below, stream and download "No Manners" from The FADER's SoundCloud.

Download Tony Dangler's "No Manners"

Video: Tony Dangler’s “No Manners” + MP3