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Stream: WIFE, "Heart is a Far Light"


The level of intimacy WIFE summons up on record is almost too close for comfort. "Bodies" from Stoic, his 2012 debut EP on UK label Left Bank, set a tone with its raw texture, rhythmic urgency and ritualistic video featuring the Irish artist tearing apart the flesh of a peach with his hands. He went on to sign to Tri Angle Records and "Heart is a Far Light" is the first taste of his debut album What's Between, due on June 9th and featuring co-production from The Haxon Cloak, lie and Roly Porter. A strummed guitar, a single drum and layers and layers of vocals, sung as if pressed close to your ear, ripple and curve in and around each other on “Heart is a Far Light” like reams of silk. It feels like a confession of sorts, which imbues the removal of headphones after listening so close with a sense of stepping back into the sunlight, blinking.

Stream: WIFE, "Heart is a Far Light"

Posted: April 10, 2014
Stream: WIFE, "Heart is a Far Light"