Video: Todd Terje, “Leisure Suit Preben”

I didn’t grow up in a Leisure Suit Larry household, but if I did, I think I would have been half-amused, half-confused by its premise of following a schlubby, middle aged man through a series of pricey hotels and casinos as he tries to bed a host of young, curvaceous women. It also probably would have been my first exposure to luxury sleaze, which seems to be the vibe that Todd Terje is mining in the art for It’s Album Time, his just-released debut record, not to mention the ultra-smooth, ez-disco licks that keep our ears entertained from start to finish. This video for “Leisure Suit Preben” takes things one step further, following an in-the-flesh Leisure Suit Larry down the street and into a club where Mr. Terje himself is manning the decks. Read our recent interview with Terje here, and pick up a copy of It’s Album Time via the artist’s own Olsen Records.

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