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LaurenceAirline's Psychedelic Florals

Lately the creeping return of San Francisco psychedelia on to the culture scene seems more like a reality than a hallucination—the sludge-y chorus on Lana Del Rey's new song has hints of Haight-Ashbury and Mad Men is back and set in bohemian 1969 Los Angeles with the specter of the Manson Family murders looming. The weed smoke seems to have drafted all the way across the Atlantic, too: a new collection from LaurenceAirline, a menswear brand based in between Abidjan and Paris, is said to be inspired by the hallucenogenic effects of certain flowers. While it's maybe a bit more tailored and toned down then some of psych's crazier fashion moments, it's a beautiful trip all the same.

LaurenceAirline's Psychedelic Florals