Video: Ashlee, “Rain”


I know pretty much nothing about Ashlee, other than the fact that that she just released a four-track EP called Ashes 2 Ash on Nicolas Jaar’s Other People label and that she goes by the moniker F.A.G. Diarrheah Cult sometimes. This video for “Rain,” a track from that release, makes me cringe in pretty much the same way that her secondary alias does, although beneath all the detuned crooning, refrigerated supermarket imagery and guileless references to “judgement,” “loneliness” and “betrayal,” there’s something pretty engrossing about it all, maybe in the way that somebody shouting about God on a busy street corner can be intriguing, because you can’t help wonder whether there’s some underappreciated truth or wisdom there. And not unlike some of Dean Blunt’s similarly obtuse musical experiments of late, there’s also some genuine hooks. Ashes 2 Ash came out earlier this month, and you can grab a copy via Juno.

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  1. margot lipowska says:

    Just had a listen, nice find,

    I get what the reviewer is saying about the whole ‘loneliness’, ‘judgement’ etc. … but I think they turn it around,….

    the video takes you in with this purposefully simple font, the whole thing is very self-consciously made, they clearly didn’t think they were being 100% serious about putting in those words in that way…

    But I think that it creates this humorous feel, coupled with this serious point and this serious mood in the music and when you get to the end, it all comes together, the ‘u r free’ bringing it all in, with all the kitsch of that ‘textspeak’ (?) and the sounds and the message the white fade….. it’s nice.

    Looking forward to seeing more, there’s something interesting happening with this girl…