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Stream: Destruction Unit, "Feed The Dogs"


Arizona five-piece Destruction Unit had planned to release a split 12-inch with Milk Music and Merchandise on Record Store Day, but production delays kept it from hitting the shelves. Now we can hear "Feed The Dogs" from that temporarily-stalled release, an eight-minute trip full of harsh tape-hiss, guitar squawks and head-swimming noise. The ending seems to extend for days, or weeks even, with a stretched-out, cloudy urgency that's exemplary of Destruction Unit's sound, both live and on record: grating, involved, and contemplative in surprising ways. Pre-order the split right now, and watch a video of the band performing "Bumpy Road" during their midday set at The FADER FORT Presented by Converse.

Stream: Destruction Unit, "Feed The Dog"

Stream: Destruction Unit, "Feed The Dogs"