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Dana Lee's Clothes are Boring in the Best Way

Look, there are plenty of designers out there doing avant-garde things and we love them for waving their freak flags high—you can always head to VFILES if you want streetwear's take on the classic insane asylum straight jacket, if that's your thing, or just keep an eye on the London runways for the season's latest menswear peacocks. But often, the clothes you really want to spend your paper on are the ones that whisper instead of scream and, above all else, make you just look good. No one does that better than Dana Lee—in the five odd years that she's been designing, she's made more demure but perfect button down shirts and khaki slacks than almost anyone in the business. Her latest spring collection is no different: the most radical thing here is a pop of canary yellow for a short-sleeve oxford, but there isn't an item here that wouldn't look good hanging on your back. Check it out below and shop it all here.

Dana Lee's Clothes are Boring in the Best Way