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Video: GoldLink, "Ay Ay"

On The God Complex, the debut album we premiered from DC's GoldLink, you get the sense that he'd rather be a guy who makes dance music with rapped vocals than a straight-up "rapper." Sure, he can rap, but often he'd rather let his words accessorize his jittery, booty-clapping beats, a style he's called "future bounce." In the video for album intro "Ay Ay," produced by Lithuania's Fingalick, the focus is off GoldLink entirely; instead, a Satanic twerk team performs a weirdly erotic human sacrifice. It makes sense that GoldLink never appears—much like the last minute of the song, which trails into a bouncy interpolation of the Men In Black theme song, he's cool with letting the video speak for itself.

Video: GoldLink, "Ay Ay"