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Discover the Epic, Orchestral Pop of Lydia Ainsworth



New Arbutus Records signing Lydia Ainsworth makes music that straddles worlds like she's picking flowers. Debut single "White Shadows" shimmies from delicate digital composition to stirring psych-folk, before blooming into an orchestral pop song that goes straight for the gut. Ainsworth's vocals wriggle in reverse like cassette tape ribbon in the song's intro as if she's invoking spirits but its lines like White shadows dancing through my veins that prick the skin. The composer, producer and singer apparently splits her time between Toronto and Brooklyn but here's betting a whole ton of touring awaits. Arbutus will release Ainsworth's debut EP Right From Real – Pt. I on June 10th.

Posted: May 01, 2014
Discover the Epic, Orchestral Pop of Lydia Ainsworth