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Download DJ WILDPARTY's Tokyo Mix, a Primer on the Japanese Beat Scene

The super-upbeat net label Maltine, who I took an awed peek at last year while catching up on Japanese juke, are throwing a pretty peak-awe party on May 5th, called simply 東京 (that is: Tokyo). The lineup's full of producers worth following—Parkgolf, Yoshino Yoshikawa, Tofubeats, and Meishi Smile, co-owner of the American label Zoom Lens, easily the best place to pick up the Japanese beat strain stateside. SO THAT SOUNDS GREAT. While I'm sadly not gonna make it to such a wild party, at least there's DJ WILDPARTY's mix of choice cuts by the artists who will.

Download: DJ WILDPARTY's Tokyo Mix

1. Tomggg / MixBerry
2. Avec Avec / Marmalade Boogie (Carpainter Remix)
3. PARKGOLF / Route 36
4. Qrion / PILLOW
6. bo en / miss you
7. Sugar's Campaign / 有名な映画のようにラブリーな恋がしたい
8. tofubeats / CHNGEYRHRT
9. tofubeats / synthesizer(okadada remix)
10. ラブリーサマーちゃん と 芳川よしの / Moonlight
11. ラブリーサマーちゃん と 芳川よしの / Moonlight(三毛猫ホームレス remix)
12. 三毛猫ホームレス / そばが食べたい
13. fazerock / あの星にのせて feat.reddam(maon remix)
14. Pa's Lam System / I'm coming
15. Pa's Lam System / I'm coming(Miii Remix)
16. madmaid / Mars
17. Gigandect / Happy rave party
18. Hercelot / Love You
19. PPS&宮内遊園地 / オールドスクールハッピーハードコアブレイクビーツパラダイス

Download DJ WILDPARTY's Tokyo Mix, a Primer on the Japanese Beat Scene