Watch Future of What’s “The Rainbowed Air” and Feel Better

I reaaally love Future of What—the softness of lead singer Blair’s voice and her band’s somewhat unambitious synth-pop style make for songs that comfort their own sadness. They’re a Brooklyn group, but “The Rainbowed Air” was shot first-person in a place that’s vaguely upstate, filmed mostly behind a car’s wheel. It’s got the vibe of a day when nobody had work and they were just like, “Let’s go film a video?”—and that’s a very real feeling to somewhat like me, who often feels trapped in the city. You can leave; there are escapes. It’s okay to care about something that isn’t even there. (Stereogum premiered this video a few months back, but the band just reuploaded it today. Their debut LP, Pro Dreams, is still in the pipeline somewhere.)

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