Lurk NYC Runs the City, One Skate Clip at a Time

For the past year, skater/videographer Nick von Werssowetz has been quietly releasing a steady stream of some of the best skate footage the city has to offer. His recent “new york times” series of b-reel and throwaway clips aren’t just noteworthy for the jittery, spastic tech skating showcased by local rats like Cyrus Bennet, Stuart Kirst, Ben Kadow, and Shawn Powers (who rides for London shop Palace), but the fauna and flora of the city as captured by Nick’s fisheye: clueless pedestrians, cracked out loiterers, furious building owners and the occasional smitten young woman all provide hilarious cameos throughout the series.

The culture and aesthetics of skateboarding in New York has been increasingly drawn on for inspiration by big name directors, fashion designers, and marketing mavens—amidst endless debate over what’s still “real” in the city, Lurk NYC is documenting moments that feel significant, albeit fleeting. NY has been recast a city obsessed with the come up, but the crew wears their ground-level status with refreshing pride: see the playful shots fired at Supreme in Episode 5, where Stuart mocks the “ghost hit” scene from their recent “cherry” vid. If anyone’s earned the right to throw rocks at the throne, its these kids. Watch them bang around atop cargo trucks and exchange pleasantries with Spiderwoman in their latest clip above, and beat your friends to copping a tee here.

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