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G-Side's Back, Stream their Gz II Godz Visual Album Now

In 2012, Huntsville's beloved indie rap duo G-Side heralded the end of their four-album and almost decade long run, because, as 2 Lettaz told Spin, "It just felt like it was time." Out of the blue a year later Yung Clova and ST 2 Lettaz reunited for "4ever," which turned out to be a warm-up of sorts for their first band's-back-together album. Gz II Godz, which is out tomorrow but streaming on YouTube as an hour-long "visual album" (above) now, was produced entirely by their longtime collaborator Block Beattaz; additionally, it includes previously released single "Statue," a handful of guest verses and a nice song called "In Luv With Jhene Aiko" that samples "Bed Peace."

Gz II Godz tracklist:

01. ‘Resurrection’ (0:01)
02. ‘G Side Back’ (0:56)
03. ‘Statue’ (2:26)
04. ‘I Do’ Ft Mic Strange (6:02)
05. ’2004′ Ft Joi Tiffany (Keys by Branson Edwards) (10:42)
06. ‘Dead Fresh’ Ft Kristmas & Grilly (Co-Produced By StackTrace) (15:01)
07. ‘Higher’ Ft Joi Tiffany (Keys by Branson Edwards) (19:11)
08. ‘Bassheadz’ Ft G Mane (Co Produced by Blaque) (22:44)
09. ‘Gold’ Ft Ink (27:41)
10. ‘In Luv With Jhene Aiko’ (32:10)
11. ‘Elbow Smash’ (36:11)
12. ‘Muffins’ (40:20)
13. ’1 Thing’ – 44:40
14. ‘Create’ Ft Codie Global (47:20)
15. Last Words (51:47)

G-Side's Back, Stream their Gz II Godz Visual Album Now