Take a Night Drive with Jacques Greene and His New Video

Ever since I was a little kid I’ve loved driving at night. While I’ve always been in the passenger seat, the traffic light-lit dreamscape dancing across the windscreen and the almost-illicit feeling of speed was forever a thrill—a safe thrill, though, because it felt so cozy being tucked up in the family van, together as a unit and separate from the world. Montreal-born, New York-based producer Jacques Greene must know that feeling too because the new video for his ambient acid-trance cut “Night Tracking” from his Phantom Vibrate EP, released April 28th on Lucky Me, is all about it. Apparently the video is a tribute to Claude Lelouch’s 1976 short film C’était un rendez-vous about an early morning drive through Paris, but stitches together footage from the Swedish illegal car-racing film series Getaway in Stockholm. Not as cozy but cinematically evocative all the same.

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