Hear CFCF Make Adult Contemporary Pop Sound Fresh on “Windswept”


A new release from Montreal musician CFCF is always cause for a celebratory yelp. Sometimes you just need to let it out. “Windswept,” from CFCF’s new Outsiders EP on Dummy Records/Paper Bag (out May 20th), is all about letting it out. Say how you feel, he sings (yes, he sings!) on the intro, sounding like a young Chris Rea with less facial hair. CFCF has been threatening to go adult contemporary pop for a while and, now he’s done it, he sounds surer and purer than ever. It’s his finely tuned musicianship that keeps it fresh: the gentle yet urgent percussion, the “Night Ride Home”-evoking melodic flourishes, and that arching electric guitar.

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