Nicki Minaj Says Drag Queens Inspired “Yasss Bish!!!” and Performs It with Soulja Boy


Nicki Minaj has been promoting her new collaborative track “Yasss Bish!!!” with Soulja Boy all weekend long. First the rapper stopped by The Insider to talk about how the song was inspired by Drag Queens: “I guess drag queens started that whole little lingo. When I watch ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race,’ I live for the way they speak. I think that derives from the way that world speaks. Females, we adopted it and it makes us feel very cocky and sexy and feminine.” Then Minaj performed it with cohort Soulja Boy during Power 106′s annual Los Angeles Powerhouse show where she dropped a hint that her next single will be coming out this Wednesday. Riffing on the line “Dropping my single in two weeks,” she rapped, “Dropping my single on Wednesday/ tell them bitches I’m their sensei” — a move she referred to as “a tiny little remix.” The same night Minaj also revealed that the single’s artwork will be unveiled Monday and the song should be a good taste of her next album The Pink Print. “I am very obsessed and in love with the single and I think it’s a great glimpse into The Pink Print,” she told MTV News. “I think it’s a great indicator into what the album will feel like and so I’m super excited for my fans to hear it.” Watch both the Insider interview and her performance with Soulja Boy below.

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