New Cassette Comp Includes DIY Pop Covers of Beyoncé and Fleetwood Mac

odd castles compilation

Vibe curator and “Soundcloud blog” Odd Castles recently assembled a cutely-named cassette mixtape, those who were once friends are now fam, featuring new-ish songs, outtakes, and forgotten B-sides by some of our favorite artists (Alex G, Yohuna, Foxes in Fiction etc etc etc). There’s also a few cover songs, like Emily Reo’s synthy, tenderly auto-tuned take on Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams,” RL Kelly’s cover of “Australia” by Upstate NY antiheroes Attic Abasement, and a sparse, quietly affecting “Drunk In Love” cover by Sea Oleena; you kind of have to strain your ears to hear it but it’s worth it I promise. Stream the whole compilation and pre-order a physical cassette right here.

Stream: Emily Reo, “Dreams (Fleetwood Mac Cover)”

Stream: RL Kelly, “Australia (Attic Abasement Cover)”

Stream: Sea Oleena, ” Drunk in Love (Beyoncé Cover)”

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