Schoolboy Q Shares Bright Memories from a Dark Childhood in “Hoover Street”

It always bugs me out how in dramatizations of childhood violence and strife in classic hood flicks, the kids rarely look sad, or even angry: young Caine in Menace II Society, young Tre in Boyz N the Hood, even Q’s little brother in Juice. It may simply be the amateur acting skills—but, then again, hearing Schoolboy Q recount finding pistols in his dressers and roaches in his cereal, he doesn’t sound all that frustrated either. In fact, the only real emotion we get during this gripping clip for Oxymoron standout “Hoover Street” is the awed face young Schoolboy makes at the site of his first AK clapping off in the air—yawk, yawk, we like daaaaamn nigga! Well, that and his love for grandma for copping him some Jordan IIIs and “Goldeneye” for Nintendo 64. I guess things weren’t all that bad.

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