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Rick Ross Reveals the Secrets Behind His Summer Body

CrossFit, apparently? Or, as he would prefer you call it, RossFit. The most he used to do by way of exercise was "stand up and count the money," but then a trainer (from his now ex-sponsor) Reebok put him onto a new and more efficient regimen:

"Let's say for instance, if you got on the treadmill and you did that shit for thirty minutes, yeah, you burnin' calories but you could be doing something that's burning calories and building muscles at the same time. So it's like you workin' out a shorter time. I could go out and do some shit for twenty minutes and you could be lookin' like this [flexes]."

In the above interview with an admiring Tim Westwood, the slightly slimmed-down and shirt-less Bawse spills on the details, about how much he "shreds it" and his new favorite fruit (diced pineapples are out, pears are in). Scrub forward to around 1:44 to see him make his pecs dance (around 1:44). #RossFit

Rick Ross Reveals the Secrets Behind His Summer Body