NYC Singer Thurmon Green Sounds like a Star on 1ers’ “Dancing Away”

ThurmonGreen_Pablo Tapia Plá_2014


Some voices have the immediacy of a tall glass of water in a heatwave, like they’re a dear old friend and deliciously refreshing all at once. NYC singer Thurmon Green has that in spades. We premiered the slick lines and raw energy of his R&B song “The Grind” back in March, and now here’s another A+ move from Green: “Dancing Away” has soundtrack of the summer written all over it. Produced by LA outfit 1ers, it’s a swinging soul-pop number with bite. No, I’m not trying to catch any feelings, no, sings Green, with just a hint of a raised eyebrow. It’s been a long time coming / Can’t you see / You’re not coming home with me. This guy’s a star, no doubt.

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  1. Samson says:

    This is horrendous! The production is cheap, there is nothing original about this and even if he was a good singer you couldn’t hear any nuances of his voice when it is drenched in this passé’ autune.
    If this is an honest opinion of someone’s work then the new guard needs a new guard but in reality this is what most music boils down to these days, someone paid a good PR team to get this to fader. This is Ephemeral vapid crap with no intention of sticking around.

  2. Alice says:

    Yeah this is pretty crappy but the chorus is kind of qt like the refrain reminds me of “Every Little Step”. Hook us up w/ the instrumental tho