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Listen to Tinashe's Drake Flip, "Days In The West"

Earlier this month Drake and his buddy OB borrowed Tinashe's "2 On" hook for a song called "2On/Thotful," and today the Los Angeles-reared singer passed back with a westwardly flip of Drake's "Days In The East" called, duh, "Days In The West." And don't mistake her whispery, angels' breath vocals or her girl group past for naiveté; here she brings stories of her ambition for days -- and daggers for her critics. Tired of you not doing your research, look me up, she bites back. You're showing me how ignorant you are with your comments. The internet really breeds bullies with false sense of confidence. Tinashe is working on her RCA Records debut Aquarius, which is expected to feature A$AP Rocky and Future-- and hopefully Drake?

Stream: Tinashe, "Days In The West"

Listen to Tinashe's Drake Flip, "Days In The West"