Watch the Stark Video to London Grime Producer Visionist’s “Can’t Forget”

Razor-sharp emotion is what London grime producer Visionist uses to carve his immaculate instrumentals. On I’m Fine, his debut EP for NYC label Lit City Trax, he explored the various stages of grief with scientific precision, seeming to weigh each sound with an acute sensitivity. Now comes “Can’t Forget,” a new single out June 16th on Diskotopia that abandons science in favor of something almost religious. Vocal chants boom and echo as if sounding out in a drafty place of worship, while musically he seems to have loosened up—as if facing up to his feelings once and for all. This stark video by A Taut Line, one of the guys behind the Diskotopia label, heightens the holy vibes with a trio of scene-setting triangles. Simple, but effective.

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