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Watch Trash Talk's Messy Video for "The Hole"

A big chunk of Matthew Schnipper's 2010 cover story about Trash Talk deals with the hardcore band's live show: the weed, the violent catharsis, the unnoticed precision, the sweat-soaked tension. It's the most obvious element to highlight but also the most visceral, which is why, years later, the best parts of the official video for "The Hole"—a song from their just-released new LP No Peace—is the diced up live footage. I like dogs and skateboarding and explosions, too, but if I'm watching a Trash Talk video I kind of just want to see Lee Spielman hock a loogie directly at the camera (which he does at ~1:37). It's a messy and elliptical clip, which will be a familiar sensation if you've ever been to a Trash Talk show IRL. No Peace is out now on Trash Talk Collective/ Odd Future Records.

Watch Trash Talk's Messy Video for "The Hole"