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Stream The Duchess EP, TĀLĀ's Intoxicating Debut


On Tuesday, intriguing pop auteur TĀLĀ, whose name means "gold" in Farsi, will drop her debut EP via London label Aesop. We've already been vibing to early singles like "Serbia" and the title track, and now we can hear the release's third and final cut. "On My Own In Hua Hin" is another bit of shape-shifting worldly pop from the producer/singer and its confident, R&B-style hook (I don't need your words to make or break me) is sung over bass thumps and stringy synths; it might be the most outwardly catchy moment we've heard from her yet. Stream the EP below, and get to know TĀLĀ a little better through our profile.

Stream TĀLĀ's The Duchess EP

Stream The Duchess EP, TĀLĀ's Intoxicating Debut