Rihanna Shows Up Nearly Naked to the CFDAs, Wins the Internet Again


By now you probably know that Rihanna showed up to win an Icon Award from the CFDA Fashion Awards in a sparkly Diana-Ross-does-Josephine-Baker dress because it’s all anyone on Twitter was pretty much talking about last night. And that’s precisely why Rihanna is the right style icon for right now: whether it’s doobie wraps or crop tops, she knows how to create a moment, managing to always have a succinct, digestible, sensational quirk with each look so that no one’s red carpet choices are as ready-made for tweeting about as hers. To accept a Style Icon award, what else could she do except show up almost completely naked? She’s done everything else. And actually, I have no idea what anyone else was wearing on last night’s red carpet because LOOK AT THAT DRESS. Watch a video interview with Riri’s costume designer Adam Selman, who designed the dress out of 216,000 Swarovski crystals, and head to the “rihanna cfda” feed on twitter to see how much people are talking.

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