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Aries Nails Streetwear for Full-Grown Tomboys

For Italian-manufactured womenswear line Aries, getting older doesn't have to mean leaving the fun of dressing to your youthful days. Helmed by designers Sofia Prantera and Fergus Purcell, who first crossed paths while working at street wear brand Silas, the two-year old label evokes the boisterous nature of teenage-friendly attire while maintaining a watchful eye for wardrobe pieces that will remain fresh for years to come. True to Prantera and Purcell's collaborative backgrounds, Aries flawlessly merges the clean lines of modern womenswear with the unapologetically messy graphics of the skater world. Their fall 2014 collection features the best of both worlds with slashed-up denim, sleek fleece jackets and Purcell's original graphics that sit right at home with your typical tomboy skater, plus or minus a few years. Check out picks from Aries' fall collection below and browse their summer range here at

Aries Nails Streetwear for Full-Grown Tomboys