Oh Wait, Kool A.D. Is Making a Music Video for Every Song Off Word. O.K.

This was probably obvious, but for some dumbass reason it took me like five or six clips to realize that Kool A.D. is releasing a music video for every track off Word O.K., his gem of an album from this past March. The last one with all the animals fucking was a little much for my sensitivities, so it feels only right that he’s followed up with such a blissfully tie-dyed and peace-sign-filled clip of groovy goofiness. Today’s take on the title track, premiered at DDot Omen, plays out like three minutes of those weird little cutaways between That ’70s Show scenes. For that there is only one option: to make a GIF, and say god bless.

kool ad peace sign dance

Here are a few of the other videos, because it’s Monday and who’s really trying work yet:

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