DJ Moondawg Shows Chicago’s Bright Side with We Invented the Bop 2

We Invented the Bop 2

DJ Moondawg is known abroad for hosting Chief Keef’s earliest mixtapes, but the Chicago staple has deep roots in the city. His We Invented the Bop mixtape was an excellent primary on Chicago’s bop dance scene. From Sicko Mobb’sFiesta” to S.B.E.’sKillin’ Shit,” songs that were meant to make you dance doubled as exuberant pop-rap tracks–even if one doesn’t have the physical dexterity to bow to left, bop to the right, then Dlow shuffle.

Five months later, DJ Moondawg releases We Invented the Bop 2 showing the movement has yet to slow down. S.B.E., DLow, Stunt Taylor and few others make repeat appearances; but Moondawg also expanded the tape’s purview to include female MCs, Keyani and Yemi Marie. “Love Bop” by Yemi Marie is a Tink verse away from being radio ready; while Keyani’s “Nae Nae Bop” has her mixing Atlanta’s nae nae dance with Chicago’s bop showing how these regional dances are building on top of each other.

Stream: DJ Moondawg’s We Invented the Bop 2

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