Hear S-Type’s Anthemic Instrumental That Almost Made It onto Drake’s NWTS



Glasgow/London label LuckyMe are in possession of some of the keenest ears on the planet, responsible for introducing artists who can conjure up whole worlds, like Hudson Mohawke, Rustie, and Jacques Greene. Fellow Glaswegian S-Type is such a producer, capable of the broad strokes and subtle licks that the dancefloor calls for: the heft to consume you and the depth to move you. “Lost Girls,” an anthemic instrumental hip-hop track from S-Type’s new EP Rosario (out June 23rd) that owes much to the UK’s long dance music tradition, is a perfect example. For all it’s bright lights and chipper kicks, at its core exists the kind of strung out emotional landscape that confuses melancholy and ecstasy—imagine HudMo scoring a Michael Mann movie and you’re somewhere close. Apparently Drake reached out to request “Lost Girls” for Nothing Was The Same but his version never surfaced. More fool OVO, “Lost Girls” is a keeper. Listen here and watch the evocative EP trailer below.

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  2. Hubt says:

    woulda sucked if this was on NWTS .. Clearly understand why they didnt go forward, this sucks

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  5. Yoyo says:

    Beat bangs, I can see why Drake wanted if. Could have a bit of editing for a rapper but it’s fire.